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As a Critical Access Hospital, BCMH offers both Acute Care Beds and skilled nursing Swing Beds.  Acute Care is provided for those patients needing immediate and temporary care, or for stabilization prior to discharge or transfer to another facility.  Patients admitted to Acute Care may be considered "medical" or "observation" (OBC) admissions.  Patients admitted as OBC may require more time for diagnosing conditions than is appropriate for the Emergency Department. An example might involve a patient presenting with chest pain.  Full admit Medical / Surgical patients need more than observation care for conditions such as pneumonia, and may require a longer hospital stay to recover.

A patient may be admitted to Swing Bed if he or she has had an acute stay in the hospital for a period of three or more days and is shown to meet the criteria for skilled level nursing care.  Each patient admitted to the Swing Bed program must be under the direct supervision of a staff physician.  Examples of Swing Bed care may involve post-surgical patients who have had knee or hip replacement.  Swing Bed patients may need time to regain their strength and/or physical therapy prior to going home.  A patient may be admitted from another facility after their medical information has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate staff.  Certain requirements must be met before approval is given.  Any questions regarding Swing Bed should be addressed to Social Services at 304-364-1028.
BCMH also offers a Respite Care program with four levels of care available to the community.  The Respite Program provides caregivers an opportunity for rest periods from the 24-hour care they provide at home.  It also allows caregivers time for a vacation with the comfort of knowing their family member is receiving continued care.  Costs associated with Respite Care are based on the level of care needed and is private pay.  Respite is a temporary service and payment is required at the time of admission.  Respite Care is coordinated through Social Services and approved by the appropriate staff.  Caregivers need to notify Social Services at least three days prior to the requested admission date.  For more information or to schedule Respite Care, please call 304-364-1028.

Our surgery staff is committed to your comfort and quality surgical care.  Ronald J. Pearson, Jr., MD, General Surgeon, performs a variety of general surgery and endoscopy procedures at Braxton County Memorial Hospital. If your physician recommends ambulatory surgery, our convenient location allows you a short travel time.  Most surgical procedures do not require an overnight stay in the hospital. The patient may be able to undergo surgery and return home to family and friends the same day.

The mission of BCMH Home Health is to provide nursing care (in patients' homes) while helping them remain independent.  We assist in their return to maximum levels of health, while providing education and support for family members.  Often the need arises for Home Health services following surgery or hospitalization.  Home Health is available for people of all ages who are homebound, have a skilled need (such as nursing), and are under the care of a physician who will order home health services. Options for payment include Medicare, Medicaid, Black Lung, Private Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Veterans or private payment. Our office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, but we provide on-call availability.  For more information, please call 304-364-1063.

A certified nursing assistant is also available to help with personal care needs, such as:
   - Bathing, shampoo, foot and nail care
   - Assisting with exercises and walking
   - Catheter care
   - Non-sterile wound care
A licensed social worker is available to provide help with problems affecting a patient's illness and recovery, including:
   - Assisting with financial problems
   - Assisting with emotional problems, counseling
   - Coordination of community resources
   - Assisting with environmental problems

BCMH Home Health skilled nursing staff perform a variety of skilled services, including:
   - Education for patients and families about care at home
   - Monitoring blood pressures, heart rate and lungs
   - Wound care
   - IV care, IV pain control and nutrition
   - Diabetic care
   - Diet teaching
   - Ostomy care

   - Catheter care

BCMH's Outpatient Nursing Department saves patients time and unnecessary hospital stays by providing a wide variety of services that require the assistance of a nurse, but not the presence of a physician.  It is centrally located in the hospital to provide easy access through the main registration area and shorter wait times for patients.  Jennifer Markle, Registered Nurse, provides most outpatient nursing services at Braxton County Memorial Hospital.  Some services that are offered on an outpatient basis include IV therapies, wound care and catheterizations.  Routine medication injections can also be administered.  A physician's order is required prior to the procedure. For more information or to see if you qualify for these services, call 304-364-5156.  

BCMH offers a variety of laboratory services to the hospital as well as services for local and out-of-town physicians.  Laboratory staff perform routine diagnostic testing and follow-up testing as ordered by a physician.  The dedicated employees of BCMH's Laboratory Department are here 24 hours a day to complete your physician-ordered diagnostic tests. In addition to transfusion services and many tests used to monitor medical treatments, such as coumadin and chemotherapy regimens, our laboratory capabilities include:

- Blood banking
- Chemistry panels
- Coagulation
- DOT drug screen testing
- Hematology
- Microbiology
- Miscellaneous testing
- Serology
- Urinalysis

Outpatient Laboratory hours are from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To contact the Laboratory, please call 304-364-1108. 

The BCMH Cardio-Pulmonary Department provides diagnostic studies on inpatient, outpatient and emergency patients of all ages.  In addition to the full range of diagnostic services listed below, BCMH offers 24-hour cardio-pulmonary services including holter monitoring and event monitoring up to 30 days.  To contact the Cardio-Pulmonary Department, please call 304-364-1019.
 - Airway management
 - Arterial blood gases
 - EKGs
 - Cardiac stress testing

     (including nuclear stress tests)
 - Pulmonary hygiene
 - Pulmonary testing
 - Pulmonary education        


Services available at Braxton County Memorial Hospital

Our hospital offers 24-hour emergency care as well as quality inpatient acute care, skilled nursing (swing) beds, respite care, inpatient and outpatient surgery, and home health care.  The hospital has an extensive outpatient facility which includes outpatient nursing and laboratory sevices in addition to EKG, pulmonary function and stress testing through cardio-pulmonary.  Radiological services include 16-slice CT scans, open MRIs, x-rays, enhanced nuclear medicine, digital mammography and bone density testing.  Primary care physician services are available in the Braxton Community Health Center, which also include women's health services.  Gassaway-Glenville Physical Therapy Specialists, Inc. and Braxton Imaging (ultrasound) provide services at the hospital as well.  Additonal information is noted below:


At BCMH, we are dedicated to providing you with the best care available. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment for x-ray and other procedures.  The BCMH Radiology Department also offers a variety of diagnostic imaging procedures including: Open MRIs, 16-Slice CT scans, bone density measurements, digital mammography and nuclear medicine.  BCMH is pleased to provide these services at your local, community healthcare facility. To contact the Radiology Department, please call 304-364-1106. 

  • Routine and trauma exams are available 24-hours a day.  All films are sent via computer to Associated Radiologists, Inc. for reading.  The hospital generally receives a report back the same day, and within an hour for emergency situations.
  • Nuclear Medicine exams are offered two days per week and include physician-ordered nuclear cardiac stress testing, thyroid, bone and HIDA scans as well as renal scans and many others.  Enhanced equipment allows half-dose cardiac imaging for those concerned with multiple radiation exposures.  We are one of the few healthcare facilities in WV with this capability.  Our equipment also accommodates patients weighing up to 500 pounds.
  • Digital Mammography procedures are offered at least three days per week.  Non-routine procedures are offered two days per week.  Bone density measurements are also available at your local, community hospital.
  • BCMH is one of the few healthcare facilities in the immediate area to offer Open (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which is provided at least one day per week by CDL Medical, Inc., a mobile service.  This enhanced service is convenient for claustrophobic individuals and will accommodate patients weighing up to 450 pounds. 
  • 16-Slice (CT) Computed Tomography scans are offered 24-hours a day for both routine and trauma exams.  

The Emergency Department provides acute care services to patients of all ages, 24-hours a day.  Services include cardiac, respiratory, pediatrics, trauma, and general medicine.  All patients that present to the Emergency Department receive a medical screening exam by a physician that includes providing all necessary testing and on-call services, within the capability of our facility, to reach a diagnosis.  Diagnostic capabilities include: laboratory, radiology, cardio-pulmonary and ultrasound (available on a limited basis). Therapeutic capabilities include IV therapy, medication, respiratory therapy, invasive and non-invasive procedures, and infection control.  The Emergency Department is staffed by board certified physicians and a quality nursing staff. As a designated Level IV Trauma facility, we remain dedicated to meeting your emergency healthcare needs.  To reach the BCMH Emergency Department, please call 304-364-1058.

The Braxton Community Health Center is a Rural Health Clinic (RHC) providing primary care services to Braxton County and surrounding areas.  Our medical staff and other employees are active participants in our community.  Benefits of receiving care at the Community Health Center include:
- Personalized care from competent and caring staff
- Reduced fee offered for those who qualify
- Easy access to all hospital services when needed
- Easy parking and access to facility
- Appointments preferred but walk-ins are accepted
- Flexible hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday
For after-hours emergency care please go to the BCMH Emergency Department or call 911.


Office visits are made by appointment.  Acute (sick or hurt) visits are welcomed as time permits, but we ask you to call for a specific appointment time.  Please understand occasionally emergencies or complicated patients require more time, and there may be a delay of your scheduled appointment.  


We accept private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid as well as other state funded programs. We also have a sliding fee service available for those without insurance who meet certain financial conditions.  We do not accept new patients for workers compensation cases. Patients are expected to pay insurance or sliding fee co-pays at the time of the visit.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 304-364-1093.

Community Health Center Providers:

Russell Stewart, DO, Medical Director

Stephanie Frame, DO

William Douglas Given, MD

Erin King, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Bethany Ratliff, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Jerri Oney, PA-C (as needed)

Gassaway-Glenville Physical Therapy Specialists, Inc. is committed to providing the Braxton County community and surrounding areas with the most comprehensive and highest quality physical therapy services available.  It is our goal to return patients to their previous levels of activity quickly and safely, through a closely monitored physical rehabilitation program, with an emphasis on patient education.  GGPTS’s experienced staff offers a wide range of physical therapy services with an emphasis on outpatient orthopedics, sports physical therapy, and rehabilitation of work related injuries.  GGPTS offers specialized programs including:

 - Spine care (back and neck)
 - Sports medicine
 - Industrial programs
 - Pediatric and geriatric programs
 - Neurological rehabilitation
 - Surgical rehabilitation
 - Anodyne therapy


GGPTS also provides home health services through Braxton County Memorial Hospital Home Health and inpatient physical therapy services at BCMH. In addition, GGPTS works with the VA to ensure local veterans can receive the physical therapy and rehab services needed without traveling out of the local area.  GGPTS accepts all major insurance plans including PEIA, Carelink, WV Workers Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield and many others. As a courtesy to our patients, GGPTS will complete and submit claims to insurance companies. To contact Gassaway-Glenville Physical Therapy Specialists, please call 304-364-9191.

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