Barbara Adams, Chairperson

Roy Huffman,  VIce Chair

Sally Howard, Secretary/Treasurer

Brent Boggs

Richard Facemire

Tim Sodaro

Directions to BCMH

 From the North: Take I-79 South toward Charleston.                                                            From the South: Take I-79 North toward Clarksburg.

Take the WV-4 exit #62 toward Sutton/Gassaway. Turn right onto WV-4 toward Gassaway. From the North, go 0.5 miles. From the South, go 0.8 miles. Turn right onto Hoylman Drive.

BCMH Board of Directors


Dr. Stephanie Frame

frame, stephanie

Department Name

  • Administration
  • Admitting
  • Auxiliary / Volunteers
  • BCMH
  • Billing
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Services
  • Community Health Center
  • Dietary Services
  • Financial Counselor
  • Home Health
  • Human Resources
  • Laboratory
  • Medical Records
  • Patient Rooms
  • Radiology
  • Safety Officer
  • Social Services
  • Surgery Department
  • Ultrasound



  • (304) 364-5156
  • (304) 364-1120
  • (304) 364-1168
  • (304) 364-5156
  • (304) 364-1047
  • (304) 364-1019
  • (304) 364-1093
  • (304) 364-1049
  • (304) 364-1207 or 1217
  • (304) 364-1063
  • (304) 364-1021
  • (304) 364-1108
  • (304) 364-1130
  • (304) 364-5156
  • (304) 364-1106
  • (304) 364-1048
  • (304) 364-1028
  • (304) 364-1153
  • (304) 364-1129


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Visitor Information

The safety and security of our patients and employees are a paramount concern of the hospital Administration and Board of Directors.  It shall be required that all outside vendors register at the switchboard upon their arrival and departure. Outside vendors include contractors, pharmaceutical representatives and sales personnel.  Upon registering, the vendor shall be issued a vendor’s pass that shall be surrendered upon exiting. During hours when the switchboard is not manned, the charge nurse shall register vendors.  Any department head scheduling work with outside vendors should inform the switchboard operator when to expect the vendor. The appropriate department head should verify any question concerning the validity of a vendor.  If validity cannot be verified, admission to the facility should be prohibited. 

Vendor Information

The visitor policies adopted by BCMH are intended to provide for the well being of all patients.  Please keep in mind the following:

  • Visiting hours are from noon to 8:30 p.m. All outside doors are locked and alarmed at 8:30 p.m. After this time, visitors should exit through the emergency department.
  • Visitation after 8:30 p.m. is limited and must be approved by the charge nurse.  A visitor pass will be issued for those family members remaining in the facility.
  • It is recommended there be only two visitors with a patient at a time. The charge nurse may allow additional visitors under special circumstances.
  •  Visitors under the age of 12 are not permitted in the patient care area.
  • Please do not visit if you have a cold, influenza, or other contagious disease.
  •  Visitors are not permitted to sit or sleep on patient or vacant beds.
  •  Shirt and shoes are required at all times.
  •  Visitors may not stay overnight, unless it is deemed to be in the patient’s best interest and is approved by the charge nurse.
  •  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  •  Visitors exhibiting loud or disorderly behavior will be asked to leave.
  •  BCMH is a tobacco-free campus.  This includes cigarettes and smokeless tobacco such as snuff and chewing tobacco.
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BCMH Foundation

Receiving Support Now & for the Future

In May 2009, the Braxton County Memorial Hospital Foundation was established to provide an avenue for receiving charitable gifts and donations. Simultaneously, an initial campaign to purchase and accommodate a Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner within the facility was launched.  

A fundraising goal of $800,000 was published and recently achieved, due in large part to a significant estate bequest. BCMH Administrator, Ben Vincent, states, “This exceptionally generous gift puts us over the foundation’s original fundraising goal. Because of this, we will now be able to proceed with the initially designated project of obtaining a new CT scanner and housing this equipment inside the main building.” 

Beginning with the establishment of the BCMH Foundation and continuing through to the completion of this initial campaign, each and every contribution is greatly appreciated! Braxton County Memorial Hospital has been referred to as ‘The Hidden Jewel in the Heart of WV’ with each monetary donation described as an important ‘facet’ in helping us shine. Regardless of the level of support, each individual and group graciously donating to the BCMH Foundation shares in our accomplishments. As this project progresses, updates will be published culminating with recognition of all those who have supported this endeavor, helping us continue Caring for your close to home.